The benefits of choosing no-code

The benefits of choosing no-code

For a few years now, I have dove headfirst into the world of no code. I researched and tried all platforms – from Bubble to Glide and eventually landed on Adalo.

The future of no-code for app development is here, but it’s not new in the world of tech. We’ve seen companies such as Wix or Squarespace who have been supporting the vision of entrepreneurs for many years. It’s been as simple as drag and drop. When you like what you’ve created, you hit publish, and it’s visible for the whole world to see. However, in the app world, things work a little differently.

There’s a process that involves a little more groundwork, and publishing to the app stores can prove to be a bit challenging.

As a start-up choosing to go down the app making path means that you will have a lot to learn on your own. Coding isn’t one of them if you aren’t that way inclined. Wearing all the hats from branding to product design, marketing and growing a business – finding a tool that helps you do it more easily is always what you search for. That’s why Wix and Squarespace have dominated the no-code website world. They took something that proved hard for creatives and turned it into something easy and effective, resulting in bringing a vision to life.

No-code has the power to do all these things and make it better, which gives you more time to be in your zone of genius as the creative.

Introducing Adalo. A no-code app company that supports entrepreneurs and creatives to build their apps. You don’t need to pay thousands anymore to bring your idea to life. You can learn a simple tool that allows you to create apps that you can leave on the web or publish to app stores.

No code as a developer has been a powerful tool for me to use.

Check out the apps I’ve created and published here:

Coobari: A wellbeing app for young people

Elemental Healing: A card app for kinesiologist

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